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Due to the explosion of AI technology in 2023, the standard of living of human beings will be greatly improved in the following years, and in 2038 human beings will be liberated, meaning that 80% of us will not need to work, and the remaining 20% of us will "work" out of interest to improve human life.
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On January 1, 2045, marked as the first day of the new era of human immortality, AI cells were put into use. However, on the third day, the news was overwhelming, and all 5 million people who had been inoculated with AI cells disappeared on the third day, leaving no trace of them, for unknown reasons. Meanwhile, more and more people who were not involved in the project had AI cells examined in their bodies.
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Loot 2 earn title
Loot and hold NFT to be eligible for sharing bonus accumulated in Loot2n pool
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Each chosen NFT character owns a seperate pool - Dividend distribution made daily - Level up to get better weight on profit shared
Create 2 earn title
Created a unique character in the world of PFP-DAO and win the admiration of countless fans. Now, you can receive Create2n rewards in three ways:
Create 2 earn icon
- Participate in PFP-DAO's events and earn cash rewards - Get selected as a character in the pool, receive high value NFT - As an NFT holder, you will participate in the daily dividend distribution
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- 01 -
Probability makes card-looting a fun gameplay
The card-looting gameplay is the main way for players to obtain characters and equipment in PFP-DAO. With the looting system, characters are digitized which NFTs allow fan players to own digital collections of their favorite characters and receive IP dividend.
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If you win a card, you can participate in the daily dividend of the funding pool.
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Even if you don't win a card, you can still obtain ordinary equipment for upgrading.
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In case you often don't win, we guarantee that you will get a legendary card within 90 draws.
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- 02 -
Co-creating interesting characters and stories
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Gathering players from different corners of the world to create PFP time-traveling stories together
In the world of PFP-DAO, you will become a co-creator to exercise your creativity and create your own characters and stories in freestyle. Alternatively, you can also create derivative works based on the works of others.
The background story and worldview is that in order to save the world in 2045, the only way is to change the past
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There is a diverse range of media that can be used such as character design, illustrated photos, novels, short stories, and video animation. Furthermore, there are no restrictions on the content platform. You can post on mainstream social media and register the link on the PFP-DAO official website.
Regarding IP ownership, your work is licensed under CC-BY-SA. However, derivative works must correctly declare their inspiration source
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For more detailed information, please visit our
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Scott LuoOperations
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Kevin YeCreative
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Script MoneyTech
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Chong RenFinance
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PFP-DAO, founded in the era of web3, is committed to achieving sustainable development through a "Web2+3 branding" approach. Our ultimate goal is to establish a highly recognised science fiction IP brand that embodies innovation and sets new trends. We are dedicated to continuously expanding our brand influence and staying at the forefront of our industry.
Co-Creation, United we standEncourage both fans and players to participate in co-creation, breaking away from the traditional branding's single output mode, leveraging everyone's strengths to collaboratively bring to life the unique characters and stories that belong to the members of PFP-DAO. Moving forward, we will expand our intellectual property diversity across novels, comics, skits, and TV shows, through community voting.
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Play to Earn
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Fashion and Culture
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game Ecosystem
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Fan Clubs
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Virtual Influencers
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Brand Linkages
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"Together, we are strong. "
Our success would he the result of the collective efforts of numerous contributors, as reflected in our triangular logo design. This design symbolises our dedication to shared values and mutual benefit.
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SeeDAO is a digital city-state dedicated to connect one million Web3 people. It consists of a decentralised digital network and physical locations mapped across the globe, jointly built, governed and shared by SeeDAO members.
We take pride in being recognised by our predecessors as a strategic partner during our early stages of development. If you too are interested in partnering with us, please don't hesitate to contact us.
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